Kurzweil Display Reader

The KeySounds Kurzweil Display Reader (KDR) is a Windows program that allows blind users of Kurzweil musical equipment to have access to the text portion of the LCD's on this equipment by copying the text from the LCD to a computer monitor via MIDI. Once on the computer monitor, it can be read with screen reading or enlarging software. The following Kurzweil products can be read with KDR.

All models in the K2000, K2500, and K2600 series. This includes keyboards racks and samplers.

This program greatly simplifies navigating the complex, multilayered menus on these instruments. As you turn the dial or press buttons on the Kurzweil, the current parameter is automatically read to you. For example, when moving through the patches, you will hear the name and number of each new patch. You can use normal reading commands to read every line of the display. In addition, you can press 1-8 on the number row to hear any particular line with a single keystroke. You can also use F1 to F6 to tell you the current functions of the six soft buttons.

For more information see the Kurzweil Display Reader Help file.

One of our customers, Kevin Reeves, created a wonderful tutorial of the program. For those who have not yet purchased KDR, it will give you a chance to hear how it actually works. For KDR owners, it will show you how to accomplish some common tasks on your Kurzweil using the program. You can download it here. Thanks again to Kevin for making this available.

The KDR program works with any version of Windows from 95 on. It is very small and requires almost no processing power.

System requirements:
  • A computer running Windows 9X, ME, NT/2000 or XP.
  • MIDI card.
  • Screen access software.

Available in an electronic version or on CDROM. See below for details.

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